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Why Being Ignored By A Waiter Was Good for Me {Balancing Soft + Strong} – What India Confirmed

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, is a perhaps a perfect day to share a funny story about a waiter, a woman and finding a balance of strong and soft.

I recently returned from nearly 20 days in India where I had the pleasure of hosting, along with my husband Ian, 25 people on our Sacred Joy Pilgrimage. It was amazing!!

Mother India is always a complex, challenging and beautiful land – much like life itself.

It is a land that worships the Divine Feminine in her many varied forms and yet often treats its women with old world patriarchal views…I had my own glimpse of this. 

When dining with my husband, I was completely ignored…almost every time.

Sitting atop a 5-star rooftop restaurant dressed well and hair done I was completely dismissed.

I waved at passing waiters. I asked the host to bring me a menu and requested a drink order be taken to no avail.

I was told, “I can’t help you, Madame.”

It was not until my husband returned from a smoke break that the waiter, in fact several, came to our table.

My voice, needs and presence as a woman were completely irrelevant until my husband arrived. I'm not use to this!

And even then the waiter still did not address me, but turned to my husband Ian who comically said, “She can decide for herself.”

When the bill arrived and I pulled out my credit card, the waiter returned the credit card slip it to my husband for signature even though I had handed the waiter my card.

At which point Ian said: “Dude that’s her card and by the way she makes three times more money than me.”

I could feel my frustration, exasperation and disbelief boiling…but this was not a coachable moment.

There was no point in freaking out or having a dissertation on the rights of women.

All I could do was show up in elegant Feminine Grace and continue to assert myself…without a Kali-style meltdown.

Thankfully I can take it all in stride and this is not meant to be critical of the land or people of India, but an interested snapshot of the struggle to be seen and appreciated as a woman.

Why can we worship the Goddess when She is seated on a lotus but we can't even see Her in the women seated in front of us? 

It can be demoralizing as hello…but perhaps it is NOT the role of another to see us as the Goddess but for each of us to see HER in our self.

This was a wonderful opportunity to find my own authentic Goddess power and not be relegated to pretty furnishings while at the same time not be the emasculating raging woman.

So this International Women's Day I celebrate the radiant Goddess in myself, in you and in our world.

Our time is now…

There is work to do in our world, but we can do it with the finesse, sexiness and confidence of the rocking Shakti superstars we truly are despite the chauvinistic waiters!

Now who wants to have a well timed and perfectly mixed gin and tonic with me?

Much Love,


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