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Imbalanced Feminine? – {Man or Woman, Take the Test!}


“I’m having trouble forgiving.”

Those were the painful but honest words coming out of my mouth.

It was not easy to admit that, not only because I don’t like that side of myself, but because I am one who teaches forgiveness to men and women.

But I am humble enough to admit when I am having trouble and willing to do the “work”.

So, I really took a look at what the fuck was going on, and I discovered it was a “protection” measure that I had developed as a small girl.

I was unconsciously holding onto an aspect of the Imbalanced Feminine.

These “imbalances” can be so subtle and insidious, and we often don’t know they are at play until our results, relationships or circumstances are going off the rails!!

In a culture that is totally out of balance when it comes to the Feminine, imbalances can be easy to fall into and actually seem “normal”.

But they wreak total havoc on your life, and your relationships.

It doesn’t matter if you are man or woman, the Imbalanced Feminine shows up in both genders.  In fact, I have seen it in men as the overly “Nice Guy” or “People Pleaser” who has few boundaries.

The good news is that I had enough awareness (and support from my husband, and also my mentor) to call this out and embrace the Balanced Feminine, and just let that shit go!

There is no shame in any of this…In fact, shame is a great reason to stay stuck, in hiding and in denial.

Check out the Imbalanced and Balanced Feminine chart below.

Where are your imbalances?


Where are you feeling balanced?


What would you add?


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The Masculine is coming next week…Stay tuned.

And happy balancing!!!

Please forward to a man or woman who may be intrigued by this chart too.

Much love,


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