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Dimension of Feminine Success

How I “Manifested” $20,000 in Free Luxury Travel – It’s Not Law of Attraction

Ever feel like you’ve fought so long for control, command, money, reputation, love and pleasure?

Maybe you have a dozen different trainings, hired a ton of coaches, and spent hours in therapy in your attempt to “get there”, and yet, your creations, your work, maybe your love life and bank account is far from satisfying.

The truth is that you can not get there from the “old ways” of constant self-improvement, energy management and doing doing doing or total procrastination…or you would have!

You must activate the Greatness Codes – embrace a deep, dark potency, a stillness where you can attune and INSTANTLY create, and create the unimaginable too.

I’m not talking about healing our Shadow or the never ending self-help/ transformational journey.

I’m talking about embracing the portal of what you want so deeply, of who you are so deeply and the identity you have to give up to let that through (which is so fucking liberating you will wonder why you clung so hard for so long).

I know because I have done it.

In this place I’ve created unreasonable results:


  • $20,000+ in a 30-day period in free 5-Star luxury travel
  • instant national news coverage (no PR company or pitching)
  • significant profits in the sale of real estate properties
  • even a weight shift.

The mind can’t make sense it. But, all of this is not coming from the mind.

Old Keys Won't Open New Doors

It also did NOT come from constant management of thoughts and energy.

I did NOT line up to a frequency as Law of Attraction teaches.

I did NOT have a vision board.

I did NOT have to heal all my ancestral wounds, go to a therapist for a decade  or align my chakras.

I did NOT wait for “Divine timing”.

I did not follow the old middle class values of “hard work”, “playing it safe” and being a “good girl”, the same values many are clinging too during the pandemic.


The truth is new Code of Greatness are dropping.

The old “matrix” of the Light worker, the over management of the mind and the energy body, and the ever constant feedback loop is dead.


…Of accessing what is ALREADY in your body.

How I Did This

All of the results above came from a deeper place of power within me.
(And you can have the same).

It came from the body, specifically the Dark Feminine body that is the birthplace of all delicious things in the Universe.  


The bonus us I know no longer care:


  • what people think of me,
  • if I am “too much”,
  • if I am too sexual
  • if I am too demanding.

And, ironically all I desired started showing up. With no management. With no long timeline. With no matching frequency.

Portal Jumping – “Manifestation is Dead”

Here's the crux friend – this has nothing to do with manifesting – not money, not love, not success.

I am no longer a match for a future vision.

I don't constantly manage my energy.

I do something far more fun, more powerful, and more magical.

I activate. I am activated.
While you’ve been taught to be a match for money or whatever you desire in the moment, I’m here to show you how to unpack the moment to reveal the hidden codes within – ones that you can only get to when you actually DITCH the vision you have for money – because only then can you go silent and still enough to see it. To see the unimaginable.


I can take the codes spinning in the current moment – in EVERY moment – and fashion them into cash or 5 star travel or whatever you want.


Because of that, I become a vessel for divine chaos in the moment… from Nothing.


True creation. There’s no upkeep or maintenance of my energy here.

It’s portal living. And it’s now ready to land for you too.

Want this?

I see the greatness codes in you!

Let's activate them.