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Dealing with Disappointment ~ The Fuel

Tears dropping into dust on a backroad trail, while birds, recently returned from south, sing fully.


A moment where the two ever moving waves of life – the “darkness” and “the light” wove in and out of me. 


Frustration. Sadness. Anger. But also, a cracking open or a softening down.


Allowing all the emotions. Just breathing. Listening to birds. 


The disappointment of unfulfilled plans. Lost moments. Opportunities gone. Sadness for what my global community is experiencing. 


But, also the knowing that something greater is birthing.


It’s unseen right now, but it’s in its gestation…

…if only I can be patient enough. 

…tolerant enough. 

…wise enough.


This moment is a chance to lean in to discomfort and witness it – no longer glossing it over with too much work, thinking or purchasing. 


  • For me, I see how challenged I can feel to have plans swept away. 
  • I see the way my mind loves “security”. 
  • I see how even now my mind wants to know what “I’m going to do with the rest of my life”. 


Most humans seek certainty above all else. 

“The Devil We Know” is how many of us navigate life, but we can’t right now.


At this time, the certain certainty we are accustomed to is gone. It’s frustrating, scary and annoying. 


The Unknown is challenging.


But we also have a chance to escape from our everyday experience and dive into those dark places – to examine WHAT we are just so frustrated about, angry about or scared of.  


And, it’s also a time to sing like birds sing, not caring who’s listening or what they think as Rumi said. 


  • We could find our inner hero and heroine and offer up much – to be seen, offer help, be helped and  – to stop the rabbit hole thinking of “poor me”.


  • We could accept an inner mission – to go deeper into love, Source and possibility.


  • We could strive to “master” ourselves and forge through our personal limitations.


I am using this time to do so personally and to offer the support to other who wish to do the same. May we come together and find fuel from this moment to burst into our Phoenix self.”


Much Love,



P.S. It is my honour to offer some unique opportunities to do so, and take this journey with. Me. Keep reading.


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Good Spirits Book Club

Social Distancing Made Fun + Inviting



This is a personal invite to get in on the Good Spirits Book Club with moi and other amazing men and woman…


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Mythic Stories – Have You Watched This?


I’m sharing 13 stories to INSPIRE you…


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My recent story was how to Reignite the Dream (even amongst chaos) and the teachings of Saraswati.


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