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Be a Lady They Said

Have you watched the viral video from Be A Lady They Said?


I cried the first time I watched it.


I could feel all the confusion, anguish, and desire we have as women …my own rage and longing bubbling. 


the anguish of WANTING to be, do and have on my terms, and the fear that it’s inappropriate, or greedy or bitchy, or worse, that I’m not a “good girl” because I want more – more money, more success, more sex, more voice, more choice, and even more purses. 


the rage that I ever FOOLED myself into thinking I have to be skinny, smart but not too smart, seen but not too ostentatious, fuckable but not wanting to fuck, generous but not wealthy, and confident but nice and agreeable in order to be lovable.


…the desire to just KNOW who I am as a woman, and not feel I must constantly hold back, measure up or play down or agonize if I have the right shade of lipstick on today.


…the longing to TRUST myself more – my own voice, my own power, my own beauty and even my own anger.


Yet, anger alone will not create what we desire. 


Anger can be a great motivator to get off your ass, but the deeper work must take place. 


What’s the deeper work?


  • To embrace, and LOVE ourselves even our Dark Side.


  • To take responsibility for our own rage, insecurity and meanness. 


  • To connect with other women and men who want to the same.


  • To get serious and take action on our work and vision and quit allowing Mom Guilt, distraction or procrastination stop us. 


  • To risk being unliked, criticized or conversely to be radically loved and a big success. 


As such, I am dedicated to speaking, writing, creating and supporting this in any small way, and I recorded a 30-minute audio on The 5 Mistakes Even Smart Women Make as a gift…and a way to take action myself.


Click here to get the 5 Mistake Even Smart Women Make now…



Have You Been “Figuring It Out”?  I Have Been!! 


I’ve been on a journey in the last couple years in this aspect of my life and business – trying to figure out my place and how I can be of service.


I apologize if I ever seemed confusing…it’s been an “interesting” unfolding. 


NOW, I feel that it’s here, with women like you, that I can be a cheerleader, supporter, and sacred mirror – and intend to take a stronger stance for female expression and unapologetic success in this community. 


So, thank you for being here. If you are up for more ways women can rock it out in business, career and life, then stay tuned! 


If you like quippy insight, information and inspiration, my Instagram is full of it. I’d love to connect on IG at @shasta.townsend.



And, Great Sex too! 


I am also passionate about amazing relationships…so in the Sexellence Podcast community, the powerful, humour and real conversation about sex, intimacy and relationship continues. 


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Again, thank you for being here, and for your own inner longer, voice and desire.  Be a lady, don’t be a lady – you decide! 


Much love,