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🔮 predict the future [how to + the new rules]

The surest way to predict the future is to create it, BUT the old ways of creating no longer apply in the “new order”.




The greatest “RESHUFFLE” in your lifetime (and in thousands of years of human history) is happening now, and will continue into early 2022. #yearofthetiger


…this means the OPPORTUNITIES for “new and improved” love, relationship, money, health and personal fulfillment just multiplied. Literally new portals or doors are opening… #goodnews


However, the old paradigms based in managing energy, the tyranny of mind “control” and even “Light” Spiritual teachings such as Law of Attraction, Shadow work, cognitive/couples/sex therapy, and the values of discipline, detoxing and berating ourselves –


And it's all pretty derivative now, no?!


Instead, we are entering a time of GENIUS CODES/ EARTH BODY/ DARK GODDESS MAGIC that harkens back to pre-patriarchal times where we were CONNECTED to our INNER paradise, sensuality, artistry, earth mysteries and fucking JOY!!! #moregoodnews


“The Recipe” –  It's Time To:


1. Be Aware of What YOU Have a Taste For– this is different than DESIRE. This is what you would find “tasty”, juicy and artful.

2. OWN IT – Own what YOU want, not what the collective tells you is ok for you to want/have/be.

3. Unhook from Outdated Blueprints–  enough said!

4. Hold SUPREME INTEGRITY – AKA supreme standards and actions as the f&cking God/Goddess you are, truly. #nomoresettling

5. Seek the EUPHORIC – Give Up Addiction to Drama or “The Struggle”

6. Active YOUR Genius Codes– hit me up, to learn how!
…more on this shortly, but I had to drop this sexy elixir today…


I see the greatness codes in you!

– Shasta


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