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Uncage the Tiger – Living by Spirit in 2018

Let the pacing tiger out of her cage and stop denying her existence.

This is really a powerful image and symbol for 2018 for me…maybe for you too.

Within all of us is a tiger trapped in her cage.

We may want to deny it, her existence, or feel shameful that this even exists. But within you, and with every person on this planet, is a powerful being that is here to actually support everyone in the shift of consciousness, the shift towards truth, towards love, towards abundance, and towards cooperation.

You can see from our culture that these old paradigms are not only crumbling, but in their wake they are leaving some destruction, so it is a time for us as individuals, as collective, and even as citizens of this planet to begin to unravel our own cages… to begin to look at how do we want to show up in the world in a truly powerful, authentic way.

Not that we haven’t been doing it so far, but to tap into, to understand, to unveil where we can do that at an even more wonderful, joyful, and graceful level.

For I know within you there is a desire, a yearning, something magical and powerful that is still ready to be birthed into our world.

And so, this is an invitation to take a few moments to tune in to that.

How We Make Decisions Matters

One of the patterns that really stops us from revealing and moving forward in our life is the way that we make decisions.

We might have an idea, a thought, an inspiration, and we walk around with it in our head, sometimes for days, months, years, or even decades.

We tell ourself that, “Maybe it’s not for me,” or, “Who do I think I am?” or, “Maybe I’m being greedy or selfish,” or we really dive into the how of the things and the how, and how is this going to work for me, and how is it going to unwind, and how am I ever going to make it happen, and how is it going to happen with all the other things I have on my plate.

This needing to know how things are going to unwind for us, and reveal, and manifest is actually what keeps many of us stalled.

The problem with the wanting to know how things will unveil or manifest before we make a decision is really based in out-dated thinking.

It’s based in a way of looking at the world, not from the lens of trust and faith, but really from the demanding eyes of a child who wants everything now, but is unwilling to show up in a way of power and truth.

There is no shame in this because it’s how many of us, in fact, were taught to be in the world.

We were coached to figure out always to have a plan, to figure out how things were going to happen in our lives rather than learning to really connect with our spiritual divine essence, to connect with that divine source in the universe, that source of love, and power, and grace, and abundance.

Instead, we have a false belief that love comes only from other people, that money flows only from certain sources in our life, and that we really are not good enough in some way.

So for many of us, we spend a lot of time unconsciously proving our worthiness, seeking love and approval from others, and striving for money.

And yet, love, abundance, and your worthiness is always there. This is the time to begin to understand how do we really manifest, and how do we really decide what we want.

How we make decisions, again, is very much a reflection of our belief in the Universe, in Love, and in ourselves, or our belief in love.

I invite you to take a moment and dive in to “What is it that I want? What is it that I desire that I tell myself I cannot have?” It can be in any area of your life.

Don’t worry about how it’s going to manifest, just begin to look at, “What do I really, really want?”

Desire is the Holy Grail

The word desire, de sire, actually comes from the Latin word of the father, meaning of God or of Source.

Your deepest desire is an indication of that Truth, that love, that power, that uncaged tiger ready to be unleashed into the world.

The Universal Truths + Desire

1. You cannot have a desire without the means of that desire already being in place. This is an absolute universal law, and it is an absolute reflection of the way that our loving universe works. You cannot have a desire without the means of that desire already being in place.

2. You cannot have the desire without the ability for you to actually actualize that desire already in place. Lots of times from the self-help perspective, we think we have to get somewhere or be someone different before we can allow desire to come through us. But the truth is, if you have that desire, you have the ability. You are already in harmony with it.

3. The last aspect of this really has to do with timing. For many of us, we think things take a long time, or it has to be a staircase type of stepping towards achievement, or personal growth, or evolution, or manifestation, and that is absolutely false understanding of time. There really is no such things as divine timing in the sense that God is waiting somewhere in the stars with a plan for you. It doesn’t work that way.

We have a desire, and then the journey is that we line up to the desire. But if the desire is in place within you now, it means that you are ready.

It also means that the means for it to manifest is already here. It doesn’t have to take a year. It doesn’t have to take five years, and it doesn’t have to happen only when you retire.

The means, the time, the you is already in place.

It’s what I like to call the quantum leap.

Instead of waiting, waiting, waiting, it’s to look at, “What in my life am I ready to manifest now?” Because if I’m wanting it, if I’m desire it, that impulse, that tiger within me is ready to bound out of the cage. Then, all that I need is already here, and I can begin to unravel and unleash my limitations of time.”

But, the key to all of this is that you do not need to know how it’s going to happen.

As I talked at the beginning of this, many of us want to know the how, how, how before we even make a step or decision in our life.

Think about where you are now in all aspects of your life. I would bet there was many twists and turns, and where you are now is not even maybe where you expected to be, and how you got there was an unexpected, and sometimes challenging, but probably also joyful journey.
Our opportunity as leaders in the transformational space is to begin to cultivate a deep relationship with Source, to understand Universal Laws at an even deeper and more profound and integrated level so that it’s not just intellectual, but really practical.

We must really live our spiritual practice, that we no longer see ourselves as separate from Source. For when we do, we begin to, again, trust that the universe that God, Goddess, the Big Kahuna, it will literally provide all that we need.

Our role is to make a decision to get clear on our desire and then to truly allow Spirit to guide our life.

If this sounds shaky, it is shaky, because it is not how we are taught in our world. It is not how many of us, whether through our parents, our church, our schooling, our friends, our peers, our culture, have been taught to make decisions and move through the world.

We have been taught to look at it only through safety and security, but we must begin to understand that true safety and security comes from our alignment to Source energy.

It comes from our understanding of divine, spiritual, and universal laws, and how we truly show up, and how we truly wish to be, not from the place of fear, or worry, but truly from the place of love, and truth, and desire.
I invite you to look at that, and allow that to flow through you, and allow that sense of spirit and love, which is already there in you, already a part of your life, to really support you and allow you to flourish in this coming year.
I know for myself that is truly my intention as I tap in to that caged tiger, and I begin to allow all those bars to just dissolve and disappear in my life.

I tune in daily to that Source in the universe, Source that provides endless nourishment, source that allows my could to totally be in alignment with Goddess, the source that allows me to serve myself, my family, my community, and my world at a deeper level.

I learn to truly fill myself up with this inexhaustible divine source of love, for I know that it is only love that will transform my experience, and it is only love that will transform us all on this planet.

This will allow us to see love, abundance, money, joy, not as a limited resources, but as an inexhaustible commodity that is always available.

It is only through the pathway of loving more, and loving unconditionally, by giving love without expectation or strings, giving it away with no demands, that my soul, all of our souls, all human on the planet can truly go beyond the black hole of experience, of limited experience and learn the true power of who we are.

This is truly my intention in 2018.

I am so grateful that you are a part of it, and so honored and thrilled with what is coming for all of us.

Though 2017 has been a challenging year in many levels, we’re being called, again, to this place of love, and truth, and shared experience, and support.

My work is truly deepening and ripening in the world, and I would be thrilled if you would be in the audience and the body of students who support this work and myself as a woman, as it is my dedication to truly support you, and to help grow this tree of truth in our world, for we are truly divine, loving, powerful beings here to experience unlimited joy, wellness, abundance, sisterhood and brotherhood, and the time is now.

Much love,



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