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Subconsciously Sabotaging Yourself? {The Law of Sacrifice Revealed}

I have been off the grid so to speak for a few months and have not been writing much to you…

The zombies did not get me, but I took some time to truly heal my old addiction to “struggle” as I am so dedicated to authenticity.

The funny thing is that when my life was actually going REALLY WELL old stories of “when is this going to fall apart” arose.

Have you ever had that?  The feeling like when is the other shoe going to drop?

Ian and I had moved into our dream home, we were at a new level of intimacy and understanding and my various businesses were doing well, and I was having moments of panic.

I see that part of me was use to “working hard” … Part of me was use to people letting me down … Part of me was use to it being H A R D!

When this was NOT the case, my subconscious had a little panic attack and attempted to sabotage my success and happiness.

The Trouble with the Subconscious Mind

Your mind is basically divided into a conscious aspect and a subconscious aspect, and about 95% of our thoughts are unconscious.

Our subconscious mind is silently telling us HOW to think about things.

The trouble with the subconscious is:  

  1. It does not thing or choose, rather it only accepts programmed beliefs or assumptions that it believes are true. But they are NEVER examined for truth. 
  2. Its major role is to keep you safe even if “safe” is actually unproductive. Safe to the subconscious really means “familiar”.
  3. The beliefs and patterns of the subconscious were developed before the age of 7. YES SEVEN!!!!

So a child is actually running the show!  A freaked out, unconscious child.

My freaked out unconscious child was used to the struggle, the drama, the chaos and the fear, and to be happy, at ease and abundant was painful.

To change our subconscious patterns, we become truly aware of our connection to the Universe and to Truth.

We must consciously decide what is true and what we want as an adult … even when it feels painful, unfamiliar, scary and maybe even “disloyal”.

We must also be willing, not only to examine the unconscious stories, but to sacrifice them.

The Law of Sacrifice Revealed

There is where The Law of Sacrifice is so interesting to understand.

The Law of Sacrifice states: In order to attain something of greater value, you must give up something that is of lesser value. 

In other words to be happy, we have to decide to give up stories of struggle.

So I decided to consciously allow myself to say YES to rich and satisfying experiences, relationships and a good and easy LIFE.

I had to sacrifice my addition to the belief that life was hard.

I had to sacrifice my willingness to worry about things falling apart, and sacrifice my need for control.

I truly took a look at my “stories” and addictions with the help of a mentor, and dove deep into Universal Laws, spiritual wisdom and my own deep Desire, and I truly feel I am on a new threshold of power, clarity, integrity and kick-ass strength.

I share this with you not only to explain where the hell I have been, but to invite you to consider if you have an addiction to the struggle.

The Allure of Struggle

We see struggle in our family, in our friends, in our culture, and we believe struggle is normal, maybe even a badge of honor.

We believe that life and certainly relationships are all about struggle, settling, drama, screaming matches, self-denial and anger.

How many times have we heard that things “don’t come easy.”

Why the fuck not?

We become more comfortable with struggle, than with happiness.

We settle for less because we are used to settling for less.

We struggle because we are literally addicted to struggle.

It’s time to sacrifice this!

Your Turn

So consider:

What am I willing to sacrifice of lesser value even though it is familiar? 

Can I give up my addiction to “hard”, struggle, or settling?

Who or what do I betray when I do this?

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Thank you for being apart of this community, and for being willing to say YES to your rich & satisfying life and love even when it feels shaky.

It’s your truth.

Now I must go kiss my husband, drink a glass of wine and rejoice at the ease of my choices.

Much love,



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