Learn exactly how I created deep connection in my marriage without saying a word!


Principles of A Rich and Satisfying Relationship {and Life} by Shasta Townsend 


  1. We accept that we are a Goddess who can command the resources, power and energy of the Universe.


  1. We claim 100% responsibility for our reality including the reality in our marriage.

  • We never give our power away as women by blaming anyone or holding them responsible for our life, including our partner.


  1. We know that the “out-there” reality is an expression of our “in-here story”.

  • We consciously create a “story” or vision for what we do want and focus upon it knowing that what we focus upon expands.
  • We use any current conditions or past experiences to gain clarity and momentum on what we do want rather than nurturing hurt feelings, wounds or resentments.
  • We give ourselves permission to feel the full range of human emotions and use them as a barometer for what is working or not working while maintaining a deep dedication to joy, success and thriving.


  1. We accept with every fiber of our being that the purpose of life is JOY.

  • We prioritize feeling good over feeling justified, victimized or powerless.
  • We see any setbacks as a set up for a come back in all areas of our life and marriage.
  • We heal our money wounds so that prosperity can flow easily in our life and marriage as well as cultivate deep trust so that we may create a shared life of thriving together.


  1. We embrace sex as a gorgeous expression of our Goddess Nature and allow it to be a container for connection, power, and joy.

  • We never use it as a “weapon” over our partner, though we are completely free to choose what truly feels good to us as women.
  • We allow our own sexuality to be a way to express our radiance if we choose, and we all sex to feed our energy and vitality with no shame.
  • We learn to lovingly speak to, ask for and “negotiate” our desires, needs, wishes and requests, and do not expect our partners to read our minds whether it is in the bedroom or the family room.


  1. We see our partner as a whole, autonomous and beautiful being who is having his/her own perfect human/Divine experience.

  • We stay out of judgment or “coaching” though we model the possibility for our partner and live by example the best we can.


  1. We cultivate our “inner resources” and take time each day to connect to our Goddess Nature/Essence as our source of true power.


  1. We feel blessed that our marriage is a divine container in which to apply and master the art of unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, integrity and freedom.

  • We freely give appreciation, adoration and love to our partner. We know that if we seek to be treated as a Goddess/Queen we must see him as the God/King that he is too.


  1. We see ourselves as whole. Though our lover compliments us, we never see them as completing us.


  1. We constantly return to Love as an internal set point knowing it is the highest energy and expression of our Being.


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