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Follow Your Heart {How To} in 2018

What is my heart’s desire?

Is there an experience I seek?

A creation that wants to be birthed through me?

An aspect of myself or life that I would like to ripen? 

These are powerful and confronting questions that require us to dive into our courage…to dare to ask and take MORE….to live as a Spiritual Woman in her Truth and power.

In Uncage the Pacing Tiger post I talked about the Desire within all of us and the power of DESIRE.

This week I share HOW TO follow that Desire or Heart or Spirit.

So many women ask me if it is their ego speaking or their heart…”How can I know if it Spirit or fear that calls?”

In this week’s recording I share a brief but powerful meditation to know WHEN your heart speaks, and how to TRUST it.

Listen Now to Follow Your Heart {How To} in 2018

It is only 12 minutes long and will give the clarity to truly KNOW when your heart speaks…

You will discover:

  • How to determine if your Heart/Spirit is speaking or ego/fear.

  • Two specific aspects of HOW the Heart/Spirit speaks to you so you are always clear.

  • A powerful Truth about Desire and your Soul Purpose.


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Best-selling author, award winning teacher and down-to-earth Canadian girl, Shasta Townsend is one of the first teachers to combine the teachings of Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction, Spiritual Psychology and good old common sense in the area of money, men, marriage intimacy. Her many student’s success speak to the power of her work, and her own story is one of amazing “miracles”. She is here as the helping hand you’ve been seeking. Learn more at www.shastatownsend.com