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Restore connection & reignite passion, no matter what!

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Introducing an innovate online & one-on-one mentoring program that takes your relationship from distant to Divine!

All those secret longings of your heart…all those desires you tell yourself you can’t have (with him) like soul-to-soul connection, authentic understanding + sensational sex are possible…

All you need is an authentic understanding that is grounded in your power as a woman + your heart’s desire. That’s what I’m about to share with you.

It can feel so painful
to be in a relationship where we feel 
unheard and misunderstood.

unhappyBeautiful sister,

You may be a seeker, a healer, a priestess, a yogini + you love to learn, expand + grow.

But you worry your man is NOT growing with you and that scares you.

You fear you will be alone… you may even feel lonely IN this relationship.

You are also frustrated + tired of “doing all the work”.

It might also feel like:

  • you fight more than you love
  • there is a huge ocean between you + your man
  • you don’t ‘get’ each other
  • the love that brought you together is  becoming a vague memory
  • You may even wonder whether you  should stay or go
  • You wonder whether he’s the ‘right one’ for you.

As a conscious woman we feel alive and awake on our path but as a partner or wife we feel alone and disconnected.

I know I did…

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I’m Shasta Townsend…
Here’s my story of near divorce to divine connection…

I’m a deep seeker, Yoga teacher, best-selling author, spiritual entrepreneur + now happily married woman who loves LOVE but I almost lost it all…

Just a few years ago, my marriage had become so disconnected and contentious that my husband + I couldn’t have a conversation about anything without it turning into a fight.

shastaAnd our intimate life?  Forget it.

We tried a lot of things to improve our relationship but nothing was working, leaving us both feeling even increasingly hopeless and alone.

I was successful in so many other areas of my life, so my inability to create the soulful relationship I longed for was frustrating beyond words.

I knew I needed to find forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love, but he was making it really hard to do so!

During a dark night of my soul, when it became clear my marriage was about to break apart, I went really deep inside and accessed the most powerful tool inside me – my Divine Feminine Essence.

I also looked at HOW TO apply the spiritual teachings I so loved IN my relationship.

A huge transformation took place in me.

I felt emboldened with unconditional love and graceful power.

I was literally seeing everything including my husband with new eyes.

And that’s when something miraculous occurred.

shasta-happyThe very next day, my husband sat down beside me and tearfully told me he wanted to be the man I needed and longed for deep connection too.

After months of unsuccessful marriage counseling, he finally opened his heart and told me the exact words I had longed to hear.

Today, my relationship is the richest gift in my life.

I am so glad I did not stay stuck, walk away, or settle for less than what I have now.

Even though my husband and I are polar opposites with different interests and values, I can whole-heartedly say he is my soul mate, my Divine lover + my best friend.

I feel loved, seen + supported in ways I did not know were possible in a relationship, and so does he.

And it keeps getting better…We are having the best sex of our lives, creating new levels of abundance + opening up to each other more and more.

I feel a foundation of love in my life that not only affirms my inherent worthiness as a woman, but it allows me to go out and do big things in the world knowing I will always have a hand to hold.

People ask me all the time,

“What’s your secret?

How are you so happy together when you seem so different?” 

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My secret is that I did something few people ever do…

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In fact I am surprised that so few people are doing this…it is so EASY!

There is also a lot of focus on self-expansion + personal growth in spiritual communities, but almost no one is teaching us HOW TO integrate that + apply it in our relationships.

Few teachers really teach HOW to BE the very thing we want…But I do!

I’m living proof that this works, and fast!


I tried the traditional routes of relationship coaching, marriage counseling + therapy, and I felt MORE broken + alone.

shasta-shellThat’s because most relationship programs are NOT based in a true understanding of how to create reality, including the reality in our marriage.

They are also based in a paradigm of separation, struggle + “doing & fixing”.

They are based in outdated stories about men, women and marriage.

They are based in a “false science” and lack a depth of soul + spiritual understanding.

They continue to reiterate the false assumption that we are merely a collection of events, traumas, stories and hurts and negate our Divine Creative potential.

Worst of all, most relationship coaching, marriage counseling + therapy continue to reiterate our worst fear – that we are unlovable and broken. 

They create a false belief that if we could just find the right words, show up in just the right light, or hide our own power, then HE will be love us in the way we yearn to be loved.

It’s all crap!


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The real reason WHY you don’t have the relationship you want is NOT what you think…

I will help you identify what truly blocks love and how to overcome it!

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Picture yourself…

  • signoffWaking up every morning delighted to share a coffee, a quick conversation or a long shower with the man you love…
  • Being excited to get home at the end of day, and being greeted with a smile and a warm hug in strong, loving arms…
  • Having a deep friendship with your partner and being able to talk to him about anything… your deepest longings and fears – even money or sex – and feel totally seen and understood…
  • Enjoying a feeling of deep partnership as you dream and co-create an amazing life together…
  • Feeling a warm glow come over you when you look at your husband, and having the kind of passion in your intimate life that fogs up the windows and gets the neighbors talking…

You have the power to create what you most desire…and it’s easier than you believe.

And it’s way easier (+ less painful) than numbing yourself, making “busy” to avoid the emptiness or living a half life waiting for “some day.”

This is your SOME DAY, woman!


You think you’ve tried it all…

You’ve probably tried talking it out with your partner, only to end up feeling even more disconnected and frustrated.

You’ve read all of the relationship books, talked to your friends ad nauseum, maybe even spent countless awkward hours in couples counseling. And maybe things get a little better for a while.  But before long the same issues rear their ugly heads and you’re right back to square one, or worse.

Or perhaps you avoid dealing with your relationship altogether because it feels so huge.

Yet deep inside you know there HAS to be more, but you don’t know what to do next.


Please hear me when I say this: Even if you think you’ve tried everything… even if you think you can just keep tolerating the way things are because it would be “too hard” to change it…  your relationship CAN be transformed.    

And it’s within your power to do so – with ease – when you learn to access your Goddess Nature and you have the right tools.

The only thing limiting you is how good you are willing to have it.

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Introducing The Rich & Satisfying Relationship Blueprint Program

Women have gone from near divorce to sacred union in the blink of an eye using my step-by-step program.

HOW does it work?

This program brings both half of the relationship success equation together:

  • Spirituality – understanding Universal Laws, activating your own Goddess Nature + creating Sacred Union
  • Practicality – the HOW TO, step-by-step tools of spiritual integration for the real world of marriage + men (who may never set foot in a Yoga studio or read Abraham Hicks).

As spiritual women, we need a new model of relationship creation that brings our love of Universal Laws + Spiritual Teachings into our life and show us the practical HOW to tools to create soulful relationship.

The Rich & Satisfying Relationship Blueprint Program gives you that and more…


A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulder!

I am learning so much, not only about myself, but also about my partner. I didn’t know he also felt lost and lonely (go figure!). This journey has opened up the conversation that was missing in our marriage. It’s hard to believe the changes that have occured in just a couple weeks! I’m so glad I did this!

Gloria Ogston, Health Worker

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Profound Transformations Abound in this Program

Using my blueprint, women just like you have experienced profound transformation in their relationships including:

  • Healing past hurts + betrayals, even affairs and moving forward in a shared vision together.
  • Closing the distance + finally feeling a sense of deep understanding between the two of them.
  • Learning how to speak their needs, desires, wants + disappointments (without a huge blow out), and actually being understood and received by their partner.
  • Creating a depth of intimacy, sexual union and friendship that is affirming + gives them the energy to move through life with grace + ease.
  • Providing a gorgeous demonstration of love + marriage to their children.
  • Co-creating adventures, businesses, wealth, families + life long dreams that they never thought possible!

I created The Rich & Satisfying Relationship Blueprint
Program because I know what it is to struggle and feel
like you are losing your best friend…

And now I know what it is to LIVE a life + have a love better than I even knew was possible.

I want women everywhere to have this too!

You can restore connection, reignite passion and create a true sacred union by using the spiritual tools you already love…



Creating a great relationship is not Mt. Everest. You made it easy!

You gave me hope and so many tools. I can’t believe that in only three months things are so different. We are connected. We’re having fun together. We’re talking about things with ease that we use to argue about and we are even planning our future including a potential business together! I am so glad I did not give up. I am so glad I overcame my resistance, trusted you and did this!

Sara Best, Food Blogger and Nutritional Coach

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How Will We Do This?

I share my secrets to a rich and satisfying relationship in your online learning space that is combined with one-on-one coaching so that you make INSTANT shifts, and see miraculous change, fast and easily.


Module1: Align – The Feminine Laws of Graceful Creation

  • Understand at a cellular level what “Feminine” Essence and Divine  Goddess Creation really means.
  • Learn what Feminine versus Masculine energy and action really  means and how to balance both of them as a woman.
  • Experience a powerful internal “shift” as you reconnect with your  own Feminine Essence and majesty.
  • Learn to identify outdated beliefs and stories that shut down  your alignment to your Feminine Essence.
  • Learn why giving up “working on” yourself & your marriage and  the illusion of struggle is so powerful AND learn to relax into your  own Goddess Essence and connect to your true power.


Module 2 – Vision: Create By Desire

  • Learn to use the power of your Heart’s longing to create a Bold Relationship Vision that is uniquely aligned to your Goddess Nature and the God in your husband.
  • Experience the power of how you BE & truly understand how energy, thought and feeling really work in creating our marriage, and all areas of our life.
  • Master the skills of Feminine Creative Techniques and never feel uncertain of what you want again, or how to get it.


Module 3 – Forgive + Make Space for Magic: Clear, Cleanse & Release with Ease

  • Identify the toxic beliefs you may have inherited from your family, culture and even past lovers that often exert an unconscious and disempowering influence on our life.
  • Experience a Forgiveness practice that allows you to clear pain, confusion or hatred and feel truly FREE.
  • Learn to release any cords, binds or hooks that you have taken on consciously or unconsciously.


Module 4 – Appreciation: Master the Art of Focus + Truth

  • Master the art of creating by FOCUS and train yourself to stay in your Truth, no matter what.
  • Learn a magical tool that creates the space for your lover to show up in his majesty without you nagging, begging or pleading.
  • Experience a powerful technique to embody the Divine Feminine perspective.


Module 5 – Compassion: Unleash Your Feminine Heart

  • Learn to discern what is truly “meaningful” and compassionate in any situation so you can stop people pleasing, taking on everyone’s “stuff” or building walls.
  • Learn to unleash your wild Feminine Heart and love unconditionally & compassionately in your marriage (and any relationship) to create mutual understanding, authentic intimacy and deep respect.
  • Understand how your compassionate and loving heart actually FREES your lover to show up in his authentic God self.


Module 6 – Empowered Communication: How to Ask for What You Want with Ease

  • Learn to speak your needs, desires and longings like a feminine magician and stop walking on eggshells thanks to powerful scripts that empower you to talk about money, sex, family and any other “triggering” topics without a meltdown.
  • Heal and release any default communication patterns from your family or culture that may be disempowering to you or hurtful to others.
  • Learn to model these techniques to your partner so you never have communication break down again.


Module 7 – The Art of Compassionate Listening: Create Space + Connection with Power

  • Learn how to offer your lover the powerful gift of your presence with no attachment including the ability to listen without judgment, jumping in or needing “to fix”.
  • Learn how to stay rooted in your Goddess Nature even when you are on the receiving end of your lover’s “story” or stuff.
  • Master the Art of Compassionate Listening thanks to scripts, examples and practice situations, and feel empowered to talk to anyone and about anything.


Module 8 – Sacred Sexuality: Inspired Intimacy + Soulful Connection

  • Access your Presence and bring it into your relationship so intimate connection happens with ease.
  • Learn to create soulful connection with your lover in every day ways outside of the bedroom, which leads to ecstatic delight in the bedroom.
  • Experience rituals that create intimacy and reignite the spark of sexual passion.


Module 9 – The Karma of Marriage: Sacred Union / Sacred Service

  • Learn to see your lover as an expression of the Divine + worship” him as the God that he is and in turn feel “worshipped” as the Goddess you are.
  • Identify meaningful opportunities for you to serve another from the place of sacred action and thus bring your spiritual practice into your marriage.
  • Feel the possibility of a life that is even better than you imagined as you embrace your Divine birthright of love and never feel alone or “broken” again.


Module 10 – Continued Success: Magical Momentum & Sacred Celebration

  • Understand the power of celebration in your own journey and everyday life.
  • Stand with your sisters in the place of Grace, your Goddess Nature and Magnetic Feminine Essence as we weave this circle wider into our world.
  • Feel confident in the next steps of your journey as a woman – in your marriage and in your life!
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The Rich & Satisfying Relationship Blueprint Program is not another do-it-yourself, we gotta fix YOU kind of program.

In fact it is a deeply nourishing, live container for growth, manifestation, sisterhood and some gorgeous creation.

Through your 90-day journey you will receive the healing tools, energetic upgrades and practical strategies to do just that.

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When you enroll in The Rich and Satisfying Relationship Blueprint Platinum Program

You’ll receive the following:

  • shasta-treesPrivate Breakthrough Kickstarter Session – In this 75-minute one-on-one session Shasta helps you quickly identify your “blocks” to love and success so that they will never hold you back again. You will learn how to truly dissolve them and be free from the past.  This session alone changes everything!!!


  • 10 modules of weekly content that include audio and video trainings, manuals, scripts, workbooks, pdf guides, mp3 downloads, and group rituals all available through your Rich & Satisfying Relationship Member portal.


  • True One-On-One Support – Get all the support, clarity and accountability for success thanks to three 50-minute private calls with Shasta Townsend to keep you on track to all you desire, and breakthrough unconscious patterns and old story with ease! Work one-on-one with Shasta!


  • Weekly Accountability Tracking Journal – This simple and inspiring weekly check in journal helps you assess and celebrate what you’ve accomplished and set your intentions and goals for the upcoming week.


  • Daily Action Plan – Stay on track and avoid overwhelm thanks to a Daily Action Plan that I’ve created to make this process simple and easeful.  You’ll know exactly what you need to do each day to create the transformation in your relationship!


  • Regular integration spaces and break weeks to process what you’ve learned.

Take action now and experience what’s possible when you transform your beliefs, eliminate your fears and master the fundamental skills necessary to create your soul fulfilling relationship.


More than expected!

I gained insight and growth I wasn’t expecting!! Amazing opportunities are popping up in all areas of my life thanks to all I learned in this program. I realized the importance of connection to myself and my partner in creating the life I want. I also learned positive daily practice and how to let go of perfection so I can enjoy more and embrace loving unconditionally. I let go of needing to fit a certain “role.” Thank you for helping me see more clearly what I’ve known inside — we really are limitless.

Deanna Gutierrez, Wellness Advocate & Entrepreneur

Plus to active your TRUTH & CLARITY, your program also includes these special bonuses:


Daily Ritual to Embody Your Goddess Nature Training

Many women need a daily ritual that unites them with their power and in this audio training I share the transformative daily ritual I use to embody my Goddess Nature, create with Divine Feminine Power AND release any conscious or unconscious hooks, binds or beliefs I have accepted. This daily energetic upgrade is your gift! $297 Value

Rich Relationship Swipe File

Throughout the program, I’ll deliver “done for you” tools, templates, scripts and resources to help you quickly implement the high level strategies you’re discovering. These tools will also help you clearly and easily talk to your husband about what you’re learning and involve him in the process if you choose. $997 Value

Community Support & Private Access

You will be a member of The Rich and Satisfying Relationship Private Facebook group for VIP students only where you can connect with like-minded and heart-focused women also on this journey and get direct access to Shasta and the team. This is an invaluable benefit, as transformation occurs most powerfully in community. You’ll never be alone on this path! INVALUABLE


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Now you may be wondering how much you’ll invest for this truly priceless training + life experience…

The question is how much is a truly
soulful relationship worth to you?

How much does feeling free to be your True Self, feeling totally loved + seen, and feeling the constant support of the man you love mean to you?

You finally learn the step-by-step system to bring your spiritual passion into your marriage along with all the joyful expansion that mean…

How much is that worth to you?
$20,000?  $10,000?  $5,000?

I believe it’s priceless!!

And I am so serious about proving support to women who are truly ready to step into their rich + satisfying relationship that enrolment is by interview only. 

So let’s have  chat about whether The Rich + Satisfying Relationship Blueprint Program is your next best step.  

Book a Discovery Call now. 

Please note: this program is a four-figure investment.

happy-moneyBut I want you to consider this:

If you don’t invest in yourself, in your marriage, and in mastering the skills of relationship creation, what will your life look like 10 years from now?

How will it be for your partner?

How will it be for your children?

Can you afford NOT to learn this, now?

Personally, I don’t think so. Which is why I’m making it easy for you to say YES to this powerful work, and fully integrate it into your life…


Dissolving the barriers to love.

When I signed up for Shasta’s coaching, my intention was to explore my barriers to the love. After working with Shasta, life is unfolding in a way that leads me to feel the presence of the Universe touching my heart and allow my awakening in grace, fierce compassion, love and acceptance. The man I’m dating has just asked, “do I get to see your pretty face today? What would please you today?” I think that’s movement in the right direction to dissolving the barriers to love! Thank you Shasta!

Denise Lampron

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My invitation to you:

Book your Discovery Call and let’s chat.

You may be wondering…

Can I do this without my husband or partner’s participation?
How do I know if I’m ready for this?
We’ve spent hours in counseling and it’s still not working, what’s different about this?
I’m not sure if I’m staying, why should I do this?

Still not sure?

I invite you to consider what it’s costing you to allow your relationship to continue on this path.

It’s important to be really honest with yourself here.

Unsatisfying and frustrating relationships create a huge and often unconscious drain on your mental energy, physical health and financial success.

couplesFear and loneliness take its toll on your precious energy reserves and on your time.

Consider how sleepless nights, worry and anxiety impact your overall health. Arguments, withheld desires, and sadness are held like heavy anchors in the body that could manifest in disease.

Consider what lost time, energy and resources your mental anguish is costing you in your career. What creative or world changing endeavor could you be focused on as a woman or as a couple, knowing that your relationship is supporting you every step of the way?

Consider what lost energy is costing you financially. As an entrepreneur or business leader, having increased energy will help you attract more clients which will help you make more money. As an employee, your distraction may be costing you a promotion or income advancement.

Consider also what a separation or divorce would cost you in terms of your mental and physical health? The minimum estimated cost of divorce in legal fees alone is between $15,000 and $30,000. Not to mention the bigger effects it would have on your children or your family.

And finally, consider the years of your life that are slipping away in a marriage that is less than satisfying. If you looked back twenty years from now, what would you want for yourself NOW?

What would even one more month or year of living like this cost you?

Are you willing to settle for a marriage that’s less than it’s fullest potential for both of you? And don’t be fooled by the people who tell you you’d be settling to stay with your partner.

It’s only settling if you choose not to take action.

Book your Discovery Call and let’s chat.

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Will you choose to stay on the path you’re on, or will you turn deep into your heart and claim the power that you have and the tools that are available to you to transform your relationship?

How beautiful would it be to give that gift of love to yourself and your partner?


This is it!

Right now, you have an opportunity … an opportunity to finally have the soulful relationship you long for.

You have an opportunity to keep growing on your own spiritual journey AND in your marriage.

You have the opportunity to truly be an embodied Yogini, Priestess, Shaman or Wisdom Holder by LIVING your spiritual practices in their greatest form.

Will you take aligned action and step into your highest self-expression?

Or will you carry on as you have been, wishing for more but not knowing how to make it happen?

I know which choice I’d make for you, if I could …

If you’re ready to experience true sacred union + your Divine LIFE, enroll in The Rich & Satisfying Relationship Blueprint Program now

Big love,

P.S. If you’re worried about the time investment, here, remember that this program is not about DO-ing more. In fact, it’s about DO-ing less, and instead embracing your Truth  so you can BE magnetic and create the relationship you desire with ease. It’s truly magic … and I’d love to be your guide and magical teacher.

Book your Discovery Call Now.  

For questions & support please reach out to


About Shasta Townsend

bioShasta Townsend specializes in helping women release relationship blocks and deepen connection, increase passion and improve communication to create rich + satisfying relationships.

She believes that love, partnership and intimacy are the richest areas for deep personal growth and for some of the most affirming and joyful aspects of the human experience.

Her expertise comes from her own deep investigation, learning, and personal journey including her 10+ year marriage to the man of her dreams (and once her greatest challenge!) She is a best-selling author, award winning teacher and holistic entrepreneur.