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Your Greatest Asset in A Trump Certain World


Did the world shift on its access?

Did the Death Eaters finally win?

Did we give our power to a misogynist in bad hair + even worse manners?


I think not!


The U.S. Election results are asking us to look at our collective shadow + calling us to access the Divine power that is in each one of us. 


The wave of disappointment + fear that rippled through social media and mass consciousness yesterday was the natural response to the surprise and disappointment that Trump was the new US President.


Even as a Canadian, I felt shocked + repulsed that I was now living in a Trump certain world.


But then I remembered my greatest asset.


My greatest asset…your greatest asset is our ability to FOCUS.


For what we focus upon is what we create.


It is Law.


And a whole lot of “focusing” is taking place right now.


Trump and all he stands will actually rally the women, the Goddesses, the Yoginis, the Witches + the Lovers to FOCUS in new + powerful ways on what we DO want


And that is the key – to focus upon what we DO want.


I believe these results are a focusing point to KNOW what we truly WANT – for ourselves, our culture + our planet.


And to take action – not from anger, fear or outrage but from power, possibility and passion…


  • Now is the time to BE THE COMPASS.


  • Now is the time to get clear on what we really do want + stop making excuses, apologies or escapes from your Heart’s Desire.


  • Now is the time to take aligned action – not from fear, anger or mistrust but from your Deepest Longings.


  • Now is the time to create your VISION for HOW GOOD IT CAN BE because that is your BIRTHRIGHT.


  • Now is the time to unleash your Goddess Nature not out of wrath but out of more than 5,000 years of waiting for THIS MOMENT.


If there was ever a time to take a stand for love, inner power + grace it is now.


May we stand in true wholeness with ourself and all others + truly create a new reality, no matter what.


So will you continue to bemoan what is or will you decide to become your greatest self + create the reality that is actually waiting to be born?


This is an opportunity to not continue to focus on the outer mania but focus and create from the inner paradise.



Your Heart’s Longing – A Gift 

I am so dedicated to being of service at this time in any small way that I feel moved to share a teaching that I usually offer only to my Platinum level students in The Rich & Satisfying Relationship Blueprint Program


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heart-longing-medThis is a powerful journey into your own Goddess Nature so you may create from a powerful vision.


It is time to tap into your heart’s longing so invite you to take 10 minutes now to listen to this powerful recording.

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The Final Invitation

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shastaBig love,



Is This You? – The Unsaid Longings of a Spiritual Woman

img_5492Maybe you are at a “turning” point in your life.

Maybe you have a deep urge to follow your inner calling + to truly feel embodied, alive and living your purpose.

Your love of self-growth, transformation and spirituality is a deep calling.

And, you may have already discovered what that is and made a shift in your career or business.

BUT,  you have some “tension” in your relationship because of this desire.

Your partner may or may not support this.

Money may be a hot button between the two of you and his fear of the unknown.

Your Partner is Skeptical

Your partner may be skeptical of this “spiritual” stuff but also wants to be supportive.

He wants you to be happy, but is not sure what the heck you are doing, or how he fits in.

He feels some pain around your path of growth. He fears losing you. He fears he is not the man for you.

You feel the disconnect and wish you could both get on the same page.

You Aren’t Willing to Settle Anymore

But you aren’t willing to settle anymore.

You know you WANT more.

You want more experiences, more time to go on vacations, more time for self care, more time for pleasure, sex and intimacy, and more time for fun and flexibility.

You also want sisterhood, freedom and to be fully expressed.

You Have a Nagging Worry that He Won’t Come Along

You fear that your partner won’t come along with you.

Or you are living in tension, disconnect, misunderstanding and possibly outright hostility in your marriage.

Maybe one or both of you has had an affair and tested the waters outside your marriage.

All of this has you asking: “Is he the one? Is he my soul mate?”

He’s Still in the Same Old Patterns

You are a deeply spiritual woman and you have done a ton of work on yourself including healing and self-empowerment.

You feel worried and tiny bit resentful that your partner has not taken the same interest in spirituality and healing.

You want him to “get it”, and you have tried a lot of technique and maybe even marriage counselling to sort this out, but you still feel angry and resentful that he is in the same old patterns.

You Feel Like You Can’t Win

You don’t want to leave your relationship but you are not sure if this current relationship can be the soulful relationship you need now.

You want the same level of love, connection and passion IN your marriage that you have in your business or spiritual life, and you are tired of settling.

You want true success and happiness everywhere.

You Have Doubts

You have tried marriage counselling and nothing gets better.

It may have gotten worse in fact.

Your friends tell you you “deserve better”.

But you have not found the resource or model to help you create what you are looking for.

You long for a great partnership and have a tiny bit of hope that it exists in your future.

Late At Night, You are Afraid

You are afraid of what you might lose and what a separation or divorce could mean for your life, your income, your children, and your sense of self.

You fear losing your best friend.

But you know things can’t continue.

You try to make him understand, but it is like you are speaking a different language.

You secretly wonder if there is a more “spiritual guy” out there.

Dear Sister, I’ve Been There

All of these words describe where I was at just a short time ago.

My husband, Ian and I were literally on different planets and my heart was breaking.

I shed tears. I pleaded. I took him to couple’s retreats, marriage counselling and finally I threatened leaving if he didn’t change.

We talked divorce.

It appeared that no one could help us.

It was the very worst time in my life.

DSC_1430Then I Learned A Secret

During the dark night of my soul when it appeared that nothing could salvage my marriage, I did something radical.

I decided to apply the “spiritual” mindsets and teachings I so loved in my marriage.

Today, I have a relationship that is even better than I dreamed possible with a man who made a huge shift into his heart.

I can truly say he is my soulmate.

If You are Longing For More…

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I share the “secrets” to creating a soulful relationship full of love, passion, great sex, mutual understanding and connection.  

You will learn how I went from debt, distance and near divorce to doubling my income, deepening connection and creating a love + life better than I thought possible.

This is My Gift & Heart-Felt Offering

I hate seeing women suffer.

I know what it is to feel alone with a deep longing in our heart’s, and it does not have to be this way.

I know it IS possible to create what we want with the man we love.

I look forward to connecting with you in this powerful circle of sisterhood and potentiality.

I also made a video with a special invitation just for you

It’s time!

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Big love,


7 Little-Known Reasons Why Marriage Counseling Isn’t Working (And What Does Work)

marriage-counselingYou cajoled, threatened and pleaded and he has finally agreed to see a marriage counsellor, only it’s not turning out the way you expected.

You desperately were hoping someone could help you create more connection, improve communication and help heal the growing rift between the two of you but instead it feels like you have even more animosity and distance.

“I actually felt bad for my husband. It was like we were ganging up on him in the sessions, and he was being blamed. This made him even more defensive and shutdown,” said one of my relationship coaching clients.  “We quit and we were further behind than when we started.”

My client echoes the sentiments of many people who seek out traditional counselling for support with marriage struggles.

Of course, there are great counsellors, but there is also a growing number of couples who do not receive the support, tools or healing we so desperately need.

Feeling Like a Failure

This leaves many of us feeling like failures, as well as totally desperate, fearful and angry.

“If marriage counselling isn’t helping what the hell will?” we ask. So Why is Marriage Counselling Not Working?

Reason #1 – Too Much “Story”

As I see it, the number one flaw in the counselling model is an outdated focus on “past story” with little understanding on WHY or WHAT these hurts really mean and moreover HOW to heal them.

Though “narrative therapy” is gaining ground in psychotherapy, it has not made its way into many counselling offerings and so couples receive traditional psychotherapy which can allocate them into the victimizer and victim role.

Mindset Shifts are Required

At the time my husband and I were going through counselling, I felt trapped in my story about him.

I could not see him in any way but as that of a reactive asshole, and counselling only strengthened that story by rehashing the old hurts, the he-said/she-said, and the finger pointing.

Neither one of us were coached to take responsibility for WHO we were being, HOW we looked at the other person or HOW we were showing up with each other.  

…We needed to change our mindset about each other, but that was not a tool that was ever offered.


Reason #2 – No Understanding of Universal Laws 

Quantum Physics and Law of Attraction tells us that the what we focus upon expands.

This means the more we focus on what we DON’T WANT, the more we get it.  Yikes!

We talk to our friends, we talk to our counsellor, we join Facebook groups and share our misery, and yet nothing changes.

What we need to change is our focus, and NOT TALK about what’s going wrong to everyone we meet. 

In conventional counselling there a focus on the past so we keep floundering in the past default patterns, and getting more of them.

So, Don’t Face Reality?

I’m not suggeimg_5433sting we ignore things or sweep them under the rug, but if we can learn to focus on what we DO WANT, reality will show up in this way even in our marriage.

It is a radical departure, but when we shift our “in-here” story, our “out-there” reality shows up to meet it.  It is Law.

A Few More Reasons Marriage Counselling Is Failing:

  • Most marriage counselors are NOT using heart-focused, conscious, and connection-creating techniques that are so the advice is often one-dimensional and focused on a victimizer/victim paradigm.
  • Marriage counselling can be based in outdated models of human psychology and old-school relationship paradigms that do not take into account neuro-plasticity, human potential studies, and the power of a well-trained mind and open heart.
  • Marriage counsellors are not always trained in a holistic view of human experience or relationships so they may miss the deeper picture or the motives that are driving unhealthy or unloving behavior, and often they don’t teach people how to LOVE better.
  • Marriage counselling takes a lot of time as you both rehash what’s not working, and again the model is based on KEEPING you in counselling
  • Marriage counselling does NOT offer a community of support which can be so affirming and uplifting as well as help us overcome the loneliness, shame and fear that can arise when we are having relationship strife.

What Does Work?

In my most desperate hour when it appeared D I V O R C E was imminent, I turned toward my own spiritual path and discovered that the answer to my marriage struggles lay within the Universal Laws + spiritual teachings I so loved.
I learned to change my story about my husband and offer a different “energy” which he felt.

This led him to soften too, and begin to drop into his heart which was a huge shift.

Things changed fast.

Ian is not on the same spiritual path as me, but he began to open up in response to how I was being.

Today, Ian and I have a deep friendship, a sensational sex life, and we are creating even more wealth, joy and success thanks to our shared bond and vision.

There is Hope! – But It’s Time for a New Approach

I am loathe to see so many people suffering.

It is time to truly understand and apply Universal Laws, Quantum Physics and Spiritual teachings IN RELATIONSHIP!

We can create a life of love, joy and great connection and a marriage that is truly soulful EVEN if he’s “el stiffo” or not on the same spiritual path.

Are you hungry for this?

Then, join me for a Free Master Class – The {Secret} Laws of Love for Spiritual Women Ready to Have It All.  Register now for the Wednesday, October 12, 2016 live event that starts at 8:00 pm eastern.

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Big Love,


Principles of A Rich Relationship {and Life}  

img_0485These principles are the sign posts, “reminders” and “stakes in the ground” of this work as women who are willing to truly BE a model of love, power and Feminine Grace.  

 I “received” these while in meditation with The Goddess, and feel as though she is commanding me, and women who are attracting this message, to truly feel their Essential Nature as we create a new reality of love and joyful living.

Can you feel the new consciousness being birthed right now?   

I am passionate about being a “midwife” to a new consciousness of love, sex, and relationship and these principles remind me of T R U T H every darn day as I humbly stand in this work, and call others to do the same so we may all know the glory and grace of our lives as Divine Creators.

I recently shared them with my high flying group of friends and colleagues in a woman’s Mastermind and everyone asked for a copy so I felt like maybe I was onto something. Grateful to share 🙂


Principle of A Rich + Satisfying Relationship {and Life}

  1. We accept that we are a Goddess who can command the resources, power and energy of the Universe.


  1. We claim 100% responsibility for our reality including the reality in our marriage.

  • We never give our power away as women by blaming anyone or holding them responsible for our life, including our partner.


  1. We know that the “out-there” reality is an expression of our “in-here story”.

  • We consciously create a “story” or vision for what we do want and focus upon it knowing that what we focus upon expands.
  • We use any current conditions or past experiences to gain clarity and momentum on what we do want rather than nurturing hurt feelings, wounds or resentments.
  • We give ourselves permission to feel the full range of human emotions and use them as a barometer for what is working or not working while maintaining a deep dedication to joy, success and thriving.


  1. We accept with every fiber of our being that the purpose of life is JOY.

  • We prioritize feeling good over feeling justified, victimized or powerless.
  • We see any setbacks as a set up for a come back in all areas of our life and marriage.
  • We heal our money wounds so that prosperity can flow easily in our life and marriage as well as cultivate deep trust so that we may create a shared life of thriving together.


  1. We embrace sex as a gorgeous expression of our Goddess Nature and allow it to be a container for connection, power, and joy.

  • We never use it as a “weapon” over our partner, though we are completely free to choose what truly feels good to us as women.
  • We allow our own sexuality to be a way to express our radiance if we choose, and we all sex to feed our energy and vitality with no shame.
  • We learn to lovingly speak to, ask for and “negotiate” our desires, needs, wishes and requests, and do not expect our partners to read our minds whether it is in the bedroom or the family room.


  1. We see our partner as a whole, autonomous and beautiful being who is having his/her own perfect human/Divine experience.

  • We stay out of judgment or “coaching” though we model the possibility for our partner and live by example the best we can.


  1. We cultivate our “inner resources” and take time each day to connect to our Goddess Nature/Essence as our source of true power.


  1. We feel blessed that our marriage is a divine container in which to apply and master the art of unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, integrity and freedom.

  • We freely give appreciation, adoration and love to our partner. We know that if we seek to be treated as a Goddess/Queen we must see him as the God/King that he is too.


  1. We see ourselves as whole. Though our lover compliments us, we never see them as completing us.


  1. We constantly return to Love as an internal set point knowing it is the highest energy and expression of our Being.


Learn More About Shasta Townsend & Her Journey 

Join the conversation on the Rich Relationship Secrets Facebook Group. Experience the sisterhood of other heart-focused women who are creating their soulful relationship and a de-lish life too.



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Am I a Bitch? – How to Ask for What You Want Like a Goddess

Listening.Do you ever feel like you are NOT allowed to speak out, speak up or ask for what you want? 

Feel like you MUST say YES to everyone and everything even though you really want to say, “Hell NO!”?

Do you have loads of unmet needs and desires because you feel it is NOT appropriate to ask for what you want?

Even though we may consider ourselves as go-getter, high achieving women with a high level of conscious and spiritual understanding and a boat load of self-love, many of us, myself included feel like a B I T C H at times.

 Am I A Bitch?

This is the question I was asking myself just after I left a salon having given the stylist some clear feedback on how I wanted her to fix my “blow out” (that’s when us curly haired women get our hair straightened.)

Get the hair you want!
Get the hair you want!

My hair was frizzy with crazy pieces sticking out all over the place. I really hated it.

So I nicely said, “This is not working for me. Can you fix all these frizzies…etc”

The stylist seemed flustered that I would ASK for something different.

She did her best, and I kept asking in a loving and clear way, but I had this niggly feeling that she thought that I was hard to please, a pain in her ass and maybe just a bitch.

What the heck, Shasta?

Women Should Be Quiet, Petite and Blend In

Many sociologists, writers and feminists have spoken to the often unspoken cultural paradigm that “attractive” women are those women who are quiet, petite and basically act as a shiny accessory.

You just need to look at the social media and mainstream media campaigns aimed at women who refuse to just shut-up to see how these women are vilified, often deemed “lesbian” (as if that is an insult!), or called out as BITCHES.

So of course this programming comes up for us.

Many of us are also attempting to overcome our family models where we may have seen our mother or main female care-givers “just be nice” which meant keeping quiet. So we are attempting to balance our internal needs with the feeling that we should be polite.

But we aren’t serving anyone and certainly not ourselves when we don’t speak up.

In my marriage the biggest tension, confusion and misunderstandings come when I don’t ask for what I want, don’t share what I am thinking or tell Ian, my husband, that I am uncomfortable with something.

Of course he wants to hear from me. I didn’t marry a man who wants an accessory!

It takes huge courage, and almost like learning a new language to speak what we need and not feel like a bitch, but here are three ways to speak up with love, power and Divine Feminine Grace…

Three Ways to Speak Up Like A Goddess & Not Feel Like A Bitch:

  1. Accept that YOU Are A Divine Goddess

Yup, the power of the Universe is in you AS YOU which means you have a Divine right to be happy, understood and heard. That’s it!!!

  1. Ask, “What Would THE GODDESS DO?”

img_0485As I was looking at my frizzy hair today, I asked, “Would Venus, Durga, or Kuan Yin (Goddesses from differing traditions) just go about their day feeling with some super bad hair and just stew about it inside?”.

Uh-hu. They would speak up.

I am just as worthy of having my needs and desires met. The Goddess within me calls me to stand in my power and speak to things as trivial as a hair-do.

The Goddess, however speaks with integrity, clarity and love and does not berate, belittle or condemn another.

I certainly feel frustrated, impatient and pissed off at times AND I believe that anger can be super healthy and helpful, but I always try to see the other person I am speaking to as DIVINE. This means I don’t focus on them as wrong, inept or stupid – all of which are just my judgments and ways to keep me separate from them and my own loving heart.

  1. Truly Accept That Your Voice Matters

One of the most frequent questions I receive from female friends and clients is: “Do you think I am a bitch…”

And normally what follows is a question about if they are a bitch when they ask for something, speak to something or say no to someone.

We feel so worried about offending others that we allow ourselves to be uncomfortable which grows into resentment, frustration and anger.

We keep it sealed in until we blow.

We think we are embodying Kali when we let it rip, but really we are just acting like children.

Listen, I lose my shit at times too, but I always apologize and take serious steps to change my behavior including examining the assumptions and stories I have going on about the situation. And usually I had a story going on that “I shouldn’t say anything” and this is what creates the issue in the first place.

I am working on asking for what I want, speaking out and taking a stand for my Goddess Nature, and if that makes me a bitch, then I guess I am one happy bitch (with good hair)!!!

Bonus Step – Support Each Other

Commend, celebrate and speak UP for other women who have “the nerve” to ask for what they want.

I am so grateful that I have friends and supporters who ASK and who allow me to ASK.  I feel seen, loved and accepted. I would not settle for less.

Join communities, groups and hang outs where women are encouraged to lovingly speak and embody their Goddess Nature. It’s good for all of us!

Have Your SAY! 

We are also continuing the circle on how to create conscious relationships for spiritual women over at the The Rich Relationship Secrets Facebook page. This is a confidential and totally supportive group of conscious women who are stepping into their Goddess Nature and uplifting each other as they do.

Big love,


ABOUT SHASTA: Best-selling author, award winning teacher and down-to-earth Canadian girl, Shasta Townsend is your “marriage mechanic” who helps you manifest your relationship dream by teaching you how to apply Universal Laws to create a rich and satisfying relationship, no matter what AND the practical day-to-day tools that can change everything! Shasta is one of the first teachers to combine the teachings of Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction, Spiritual Psychology and good old common sense in the area of marriage, love and intimacy. Her many student’s success speak to the power of her work, and her own story is one of amazing “miracles”. She is here as the helping hand you’ve been seeking. Learn more at www.shastatownsend.com

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