Learn exactly how I created deep connection in my marriage without saying a word!


shasta.guatemalaHi! I’m Shasta.

I’m passionate about helping heart-centred, spiritually focused women create the intimate life and marriage they long for as I believe that LOVE is an essential part of a truly soulful life.

I help spiritual women find love again in relationships that often feel love-less or deeply disconnected, AND create a life of freedom, intimacy and wealth with their partner in ways they never even thought possible. 

I see so many women struggling to apply the teachings of Yoga, metaphysics and spirituality to their relationships.

They struggle to reconcile their values, life style and mindset with that of their husband’s. Closing the distance can feel like climbing Mt.Everest so many of us will settle for “ok” or “fine”, but I would bet you don’t settle for mediocre coffee so you would like a sensational relationship too!

It’s possible to feel love and fire IN YOUR MARRIAGE (without totally lobotomizing your husband or sacrificing your values)!

I’m proof and so are so many of my students.
DSC_2866This is a picture of my husband, Ian and me. When I’m not coaching, teaching, or leading retreats one of our favorite things to do together is to cook dinner (well, I watch) and chat over wine. We don’t always agree on everything but we always have a great talk.

He’s my best friend and the love of my life, and I feel so blessed to share each day with him even though on the surface we are pretty different people. I’m happy sitting in meditation halls or talking about metaphysics and he’s happy watching football and walking in the woods, yet we have a profound connection. Many people ask me” “What’s your secret?”  And I am most happy to share…

But it wasn’t always this way. Just a few years ago we were on the brink of divorce.

I was so MAD at him most of the time (I even called him some pretty unflattering names him on occasion). It felt like we were literally on different planets, and it seemed like just quitting this thing was the only option.  Even though we’d tried to solve our problems, we weren’t talking, weren’t sleeping together, and I had one foot out the door.  My heart was breaking, but I also knew things had to change between us as they could not go on as they’d been.

Something within me guided me to change my approach, and to turn to the spiritual tools and principles I’d used to create success in other areas of my life and apply them to my marriage.  My Principles for Creating a Rich Relationship

I thought about Law of Attraction as well as the key practices of Yoga (I’ve been a Yoga teacher for nearly two decades) and considered what they would look like WITHIN a relationship.

I decided to change my “story” about Ian, and to choose to stop fighting. I created a space for forgiveness, compassion, understanding and good communication instead of the hurt, sad feelings and anger that I had been nursing.

Within a very short period of time, our relationship transformed. At first Ian didn’t even DSC_1430know what I was up to, but he was shifting too!

Before long we were experiencing a level of connection and closeness that was even better than when we were first dating.

Along the way I discovered that the secret to healing the rift in your marriage is not about getting your partner to change, or changing your circumstances, or even “working on your problems.”  

It’s about changing the LENS or the STORY through which we view our partner and our relationship.

For a long time my story was “he’s an insensitive jerk – so imagine what I got!

And it’s about how willing we are to truly take our spiritual practice all the way through into our life and marriage (often the most charged!) and truly live our Yoga, Wicca, Tarot, or any spiritual practice. It is about becoming truly WHOLE and being the loving, powerful women we already are, and experiencing the glory and gift of love we are here to give and receive.

One of the most touching things that Ian ever said to me was, “Thank you for not giving up.”

I am so thankful every day that I didn’t give up too!

Ian and I are creating a wonderful life together and I feel more free to truly step up in myself as a woman thanks to the level of support, love and cheerleading I know Ian holds for me. I see him shining in new ways too including leaving a 20-year construction job to start his own real estate investing company, and even co-teach retreats with me. So fun!!!

That’s what I want for you too, and why I do what I do!

If you are still in love with your husband at some level but need some help finding the connection, passion and friendship again, don’t give up…I am here as your helping hand.

Learn how we can create your soulful relationship and amazing life by working together.

The Official Stuff

Best-selling author, award winning teacher and down-to-earth Canadian girl, Shasta Townsend is your “marriage mechanic” who helps you manifest your relationship dream by teaching you how to apply Universal Laws to create a rich and satisfying relationship, no matter what AND the practical day-to-day tools that can change everything!

“I help women and men tap into their heartfelt desires, understand Laws of the Universe and use their own power of Being to magnetize, cultivate and create a rich and satisfying relationship. I’m passionate about the how to of creating good relationship – the relationship to our Self, DSC_1256to our partner and even to the Earth.”

Shasta teaches from a comprehensive and inclusive approach that provides how to practices, real-life tools, and integration rather than mere philosophy. She loves stripping away beliefs and outdated stories so we can access our truth, wisdom and joy, AND unabashedly create the next big, beautiful chapter of our lives and our relationship.

I’ve had my share of struggle in the bedroom and out, and even shared her story and many other women’s in thebook.arrive best-selling book, Happy, Sexy, Shameless – What Our Mother’s Didn’t Know About the Birds and the Bees, but I know that love, partnership and intimacy, usually the areas where many of us have a lot of shame, pain and confusion, are the richest areas for some of the most affirming and joyful aspects of the human experience. I am now in the happiest place of my life and created a marriage where there is no holding back thanks to both of us stepping into vulnerability, passion and understanding.

Her offerings are not regurgitated from another’s textbook, but from her own personal evolution and inner guidance. In fact her expertise in these matters does not come from a few letters behind her name, but from her own investigation, learning, and journey including her 12-year plus marriage and her 10,000+ hours teaching relationship technique, spirituality, manifestation & Law of Attraction and Yoga wisdom.  She is the creator of a beautiful Yoga and spiritual community www.balancedlifeyoga.ca. and lives just outside Toronto, Canada with her husband, Ian. When she isn’t teaching, writing or innovating, Shasta is often travelling and feeding her passion for adventure, good wine and great Salsa.

Shasta shares her passion for the how-to of great relationship as a Featured Columnist at Elephant Journal, The Good Men Project, Rebelle Society and Vivid Life. Shasta leads retreats, workshops and talks around the world. Her debut book, Happy, Sexy, Shameless – What Our Mother’s Didn’t Know About the Birds and the Bees is an international best seller and is available through amazon.com and all amazon platforms world-wide. Connect with Shasta at The Rich Relationship Secrets Facebook Group.

Work With Shasta

DSC_2662The Rich and Satisfying Relationship Blueprint – My signature program, I created The Rich and Satisfying Relationship Blueprint because I know it works and I know what it is to struggle and feel alone.  After I did every darn thing to “fix” my marriage, the only thing that saved it from divorce were the very mindset shifts, Universal Laws and super practical tools that I now teach in this 90-day program.  Read student success stories, and join us on this journey. I promise there’s LOTS of support and guidance. I will show you how to create that rich and satisfying relationship no matter what! It may be exactly what you are seeking.

Relationship Intensive Retreats – I am so thrilled to offer retreats around the world. I hope you and your honey will consider joining myself and my amazing co-facilitar, my husband Ian in beautiful locales as we dive deep into the skills of connection, communication, compassion and intimacy (and have fun doing it!). More details soon…

Not sure or have questions? Send an email to my team at teamhappy@shastatownsend.com.


ontario.gove.campaignAlways innovating and pioneering in both in the world of human potential and in the business realm, Shasta has received several rewards and recognition for her work as an author, entrepreneur and feminine leader. Recently, she was recognized by the Ontario Government as a Leading Woman and was a spokes woman for their A Leading Woman Public Awareness Campaign.

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